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BCT Benefits


Your benefit money is held in an account backed by a fully insured and bonded bank and you can request to receive your funds via direct deposit or debit card.


You can view your account balance and print statements on our secure website by registering for a free online account.


The BCT SUB Plan pays out up to 26 weeks — or 6 months of pay based on your current hourly rate — compared with traditional plans that may place limits on pay duration.


The funds in your fringe account stay in your name even if you change employers.

What is a SUB Plan?

As an employee, you may be wondering what a Supplemental Unemployment Benefits Plan means for you. The BCT SUB Plan provides valuable income benefits during the construction off-season and other periods of unemployment when you work fewer than 36 hours.

An employer with a SUB Plan makes contributions on your behalf — fully vested benefits that you can access quickly during qualified periods of unemployment or interrupted work. This benefit pays up to 40-hours per week, at your normal rate of pay. In some instances, short work week payments are subject to FICA.

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Employee FAQs

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How much money can be built up in the BCT SUB Plan?

All Contributions made on your behalf by your employer are held in the BCT SUB Trust. A personal account is created in your name. The amount of contributions credited to your personal account is capped at your hourly rate of pay x 40 hours x 26 weeks, less any applicable administrative fees. You may log into your account at any time to view activity and balances.

Am I eligible to receive both state unemployment benefits and benefits from the BCT SUB Plan?

Yes, the benefit dollars in the BCT SUB Plan may be drawn in addition to state unemployment benefits.

Are my benefits taxable?

Your benefits are only subject to federal, state and local income tax, as applicable. In some instances, short work week payments are subject to FICA. Your employer will have more details. You only pay taxes on your benefits when they are paid to you.

If I leave my employer, what happens to my designated benefit funds in the BCT account?

If you are not eligible to draw benefits, for example because you voluntarily quit, your designated funds in the account are kept in your name. If you subsequently become eligible for unemployment, you may draw benefits from the BCT account. Also, if you transfer or are hired by another participating employer, the BCT account transfers with you.

Can I continue to draw funds from my BCT trust account if I am terminated?

If you are terminated from an employer who was contributing funds to a BCT account on your behalf, you still may be able to draw funds. Please click here to answer some questions to help determine if you are eligible.