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Why BCT?

We help you pay prevailing wage.

Since its inception, BCT has helped hundreds of contractors competitively take on prevailing wage projects while complying with Davis-Bacon Act policies and providing security and consistency for their employees.

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BCT For Employers

Offer security for your employees during times of unemployment and a cost savings for your business.

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BCT For Employees

Your priorities are getting consistent work and providing for your family. With this in mind, the BCT SUB Plan is designed to work for you.

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Prevailing Wage Savings Calculator

Our calculator will reveal your potential savings on prevailing wage jobs with a BCT supplemental unemployment plan. You can calculate your savings with various hourly wages, labor burden and prevailing wage rates specific to your project.

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What People Are Saying

Caryn Stubblefield

Extreme Milling & Pulverizing, LLC

“Our company started using BCT Benefits in 2020. Their website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Someone is always available for assistance or questions. It’s refreshing knowing that I can rely on BCT to assist us with our company's fringe requirements."

Janelle Grevenkamp

Cotterman & Company, Inc.

“The biggest thing our company/employees love about BCT is to be able to have the ‘rainy day funds,’ as we call them. Those extra hours are available if they need them on weather days when they can’t work or have to quit early because of weather. The website is easy to navigate to see current hours and/or available funds.”

Billy Martin

Martin & Associates Environmental, LLC

“Our company has been using BCT for over 10 years. The benefits package has lowered my prevailing wage compensation package by over 20%. The best part has been lowering the taxes usually added on to an hourly wage over $17.00. We appreciate the Benefits our company gets with the BCT Program!”