The primary benefits of the BCT SUB Plan are security for your employees during times of unemployment and a cost savings for your business.

Bid more competitively on government construction contracts and still maintain your margins while providing a valuable benefit plan for your employees allowing them income security during the off-season, down times or other periods of unemployment.

Designed to reduce overhead, taxes* and expenses.

The BCT SUB Plan complies with all applicable laws, including ERISA, the Code and the Davis-Bacon Act.

Provides a valuable benefit for your employees when they need it the most.

Minimal set-up is required. BCT Benefits, LLC works directly with your payroll department.

Other than making contributions to the BCT SUB Plan on your participating Employees' behalf, and annual tax filing costs as required by law**, there is no cost to Employers to participate in the BCT SUB Plan.

* In certain instances, short week payments may be subject to FICA. Please see the Plan/SPD for more information.
** Employers are required to file a Form 5500C annually which is required by law for annual reporting of all ERISA plans.