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Helping Contractors Realize
the Upside of Prevailing Wage

Who We Are

BCT is a Michigan-based third party administrator offering a Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) plan to contractors nationwide.

What We Believe

BCT was founded by a contractor who firmly believed that prevailing wage laws should not be a hindrance to the success of any construction employer. Seeing first-hand how prevailing wage policies were discouraging qualified contractors from taking on projects, he discovered that contractors could take a proactive approach to make their prevailing wage bids more competitive. One tool in this approach is the BCT SUB Plan. Adopting the BCT Plan provides important income security benefits for construction workers , while helping make an employer’s bids more competitive on prevailing wage projects.

Why Choose Us

BCT takes great pride in the services we offer contractors in order to help them build a adaptive construction benefits program. Our supplemental unemployment plan creates cost savings for our clients which can result in more competitive bidding on government contracts, and a higher earning potential on prevailing wage jobs.