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How Can a Supplemental
Unemployment Benefit Plan Help Me?

A Trust Plan that Works for You

As an employee, you may be wondering what the BCT SUB plan means for you. When your primary concerns are getting consistent work and providing for your family, it is important for you to know that a SUB Plan is designed to work in your favor. Here's how:

The BCT Plan provides you with valuable income security benefits during the construction off-season and other periods of unemployment. Contributions made by your employer on your behalf are fully vested benefits that you can access quickly when you happen to find yourself out of work during qualified periods of unemployment. During these periods, you can access benefits for up to 40 hours per week, at your normal rate of pay.

In addition, the cost savings secured by your employer’s use of the BCT Plan can help it be more competitive when bidding on prevailing wage projects which can lead to more work for you and your co-workers. More jobs won, means more work opportunities for you.

Other Benefits of a SUB Plan:

  • It's Safe: Benefit dollars contributed to the BCT Plan on your behalf are held in an interest bearing trust account by a fully insured and bonded bank.

  • It's Private: Each employee has his/her own individually designated amounts. You can review and print your supplemental unemployment benefit account balances and activity at any time, on our secure website.

  • It's Easy to Use: On any week where you work less than 36-hours and are qualified to receive benefits, you can request to receive your funds via direct deposit to your bank account or in paper check form.

  • It’s Portable: If you transfer from one employer to another, the funds in your BCT account stay in your name.